Enhancing Wealth. Managing Risk.
Back Nine Apartment Investors provides intergenerational real estate solutions.
Class A Multifamily Properties

Back Nine acquires and operates high-quality multifamily properties in stabilized and growth markets.

$10 – $25 Million Asset Size

Back Nine focuses on properties that are too small for the institutional investor, but are too large for most private investors. Back Nine believes that this less competitive marketplace provides more compelling investment opportunities.

Long Term Focus

Back Nine has a long-term hold bias. We seek to maximize long-term wealth preservation and intergenerational wealth creation without the need to repeatedly look for new 1031 trade candidates.

Low Leverage

Back Nine utilizes low leverage (typically no more than 55% of purchase price) with long term fixed-rate debt. We believe this conservative approach further mitigates the risks associated with changing market conditions.

Sophisticated Clientele

Each asset will be owned by a maximum of five select and qualified investors. This is meaningfully different than historic programmatic 1031 transactions populated by dozens of smaller and less sophisticated investors thereby increasing the potential for complications during the life of the investment.

Experienced Team

Back Nine has more than 70 years of combined real estate experience, totaling more than $3 billion in transactions nationwide, including $1 billion in 1031 exchange properties.

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