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Durable Income Stream

Back Nine’s multi-family focus eliminates the risk of single tenant, “all or nothing” investing and offers less volatility than typically found in many retail and office properties.

Inflation Hedge

With rolling twelve-month leases, multi-family investing offers a better inflation hedge than long-term fixed-rate leases typically provide.

Deflation Hedge

Similarly, multi-family lease schedules can also provide protection in the event of rising interest rates. Like bonds, long-term fixed rate commercial property leases tend to decline in value during rising interest rate periods, whereas rolling twelve-month apartment leases adjust more quickly to economic growth and changes in interest rates.

Long Term Demand

The Gen Z population consists of more than 69 million people and is larger than the economy-changing Baby Boom generation. In addition, the Gen Z population, born between the mid-1990’s to the mid-2000’s, currently makes up 20% of the U.S. population. This cohort is in addition to the ballooning by-choice and buying-later renter demand. Back Nine believes there is no more durable and growing investment real estate sector than well located multi-family properties.

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Hands On

The principals of Back Nine are directly involved in all aspects of the business, from day to day operations to strategic planning and asset management.


Back Nine’s principals are directly available to discuss strategy, markets, financing, and operational matters.


Back Nine provides detailed quarterly reporting that is available 24/7 via our investor portal. In addition, the principals are always available to discuss any aspect of an investment.

Intergenerational Solutions

Back Nine aims to serve as a long-term steward, aiding investors and their heirs in wealth preservation and growth.

Reputation Focused

The principals of Back Nine have long established careers and reputations. This is our greatest asset. We encourage all Investors to ask their financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, and friends about the principals of Back Nine.

1031 friendly
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Back Nine has extensive experience structuring investments to accommodate 1031 like-kind exchange investors in a way that addresses tax objectives with critical asset management needs.


In addition, we permit 1031 investors to reserve a future space in the investments, helping mitigate the timing risk in completing an exchange.

Aligned Interests
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The principals of Back Nine make meaningful co-investments in the properties we sponsor.

Incentive Structure

Back Nine’s compensation is designed so that the overwhelming majority of economic benefits flow to the investor and minimizes potential misalignment of interests. In addition, our incentives structures are designed to encourage long-term holds and enduring relationships.

No Mark-up

Back Nine does not use broker dealers and does not mark-up transaction costs in order to charge hidden up-front fees.

Risk Management
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Conservative Debt

Back Nine typically utilizes long-term, fixed rate debt with conservative loans to value of typically 55%. Depending on the timing and availability, Back Nine may be able to tailor debt levels to individual investor needs.

Long Term Hold

Back Nine believes in acquiring well located, quality investments with conservative debt levels and managing them effectively for the long term. We believe this leads to superior wealth creation and preservation.

Core/Core-Plus Newer Assets

Back Nine acquires new or newer construction core or core-plus assets. We believe strong infill locations or dynamic suburban locations lead to less volatility and more reliable growth. Similarly, we acquire new or newer construction assets that are either stabilized, or that require management and/or cosmetic physical improvements.

Meet the Team